About GrowthCoin

GrowthCoin (GRW) – a fork of Diamond, with several algorithms fixed and improved. It is decendent of Novacoin/PPCoin with Pow/PoS. It combines the great features from Luckycoin (random blocks) and Florincoin (transaction message).

Proof of stake coin is more resilient to 51% attack. Since 51% hashpower is not enough to execute a 51% attack. The attackers must also have at least 51% stake.

GrowthCoin provides monthly interest rate of 5.95%, for stakes that are held during that period of time. This equivalent to an annual interest of 100%. PoS blocks will be generated if the stake are held for more than 5 days. There is a hard limit of 2 billion coins. No premine!


Proof of Work

Scrypt with a expected total PoW mined coins of 37,368,000 coins with no premine. Each normal block has 100 coins, with 45 seconds block time.

Reward Halving

Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (or every 172,800 blocks). Difficulty retargets every block. Hourly random bonus block of 500-1000 coins (that is, 1/80 chance to get a bonus block).

Proof of Stake

PoS algorithm provides a monthly interest rate of 5.95%. Blocks will be generated if the stake is held for 5-15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Update instructions
Delete blk0001.dat, blkindex.dat and peers.dat before launching version if you come from any 1.2.x (or prior) version.
I have received 0 PoS and it's been just over 1 week
PoS minting normally starts after 5-15 days. That simply means it's when it becomes available. You could mint it in exactly 5 days or it could take longer.

You have 365 coins for a day and mint a block. You are rewarded 1 coin.
You have 365 coins for a week before minting a block. You are rewarded 7 coins.
You have 365 coins for a month before minting a block. You are rewarded 30-31 coins.
You have 365 coins for a year before minting a block. You are rewarded 365 coins.
You have X coins for Y period before minting a block. You are rewarded (x*y)/365 coins.
For PoS do you have to keep your wallet open 24/7?
No, it's based on coin-days, which are based on when the coins were sent to a wallet. For example, if I sent you 365 coins today and you never even had a wallet to sync, but you then opened it in 10 days, you would have 10 coin years (365 coins * 10 days) you could collect interest on. If you waited 100 days you'd have 100 coin years you could collect on.
What if I miss a day? Do I lose 1 day worth of PoS rewards?
It doesn't matter how long you wait before you open your wallet/leave it running, so long as the maximum PoS coin interest hasn't been accured by the entire network yet.
How can I support the Coin?
There are a couple of ways, purchase coins from the exchange. And you can also donate to the developer, which will help support further development initiatives.

GrowthCoins donation address:





Multi-Pool (courtesy of ice00)

Block Explorer (courtesy of unick)